Routes in Euskadi


Understanding and appreciation of our surroundings is a sure path to achieving respect and conversation of the environment. For that reason, here at ITELAZPI we propose that you put on your boots and get ready to walk the most spectacular routes in our Community.

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Mountain Hikes


Since 2015, ITELAZPI has been collaborating with the BASQUE MOUNTAINEERING FEDERATION (FVM-EMF) by providing TETRA communication terminals for the long-distance hikes that the FVM-EMF organises in the Basque Country throughout the year. Those terminals can be lent to the mountaineering associations organising the long-distance hikes, to be distributed among their support staff so that the communications between the control, finish and supply points. This will ensure a high level of safety for the participants over large areas that cannot be covered by other means.



Since 2009, Itelazpi has sponsored the KARRANTZA HARANA long-distance hike that is part of the Basque circuit (Zirkuitua). Itelazpi is extending its commitment to mountaineering activities and natural spaces to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the initiative, and as the results of the partnership agreement with the FMV-EMF. It now sponsors three non-competitive long-distance hikes, one per province, each year, that perfectly embodies the spirit of the values that we want to promote.


Long-distance Hikes

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You can observe the wonderful natural landscapes of Euskadi from our telecommunications centers


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