The government-owned Company ITELAZPI has obtained the European EMAS certificate of registration, which recognises companies with excellent environmental performance

30 de May, 2014

CSR Environment Europe

La Sociedad Pública ITELAZPI obtiene el certificado de registro europeo EMAS que acredita a organizaciones excelentes desde un punto de vista ambientalITELAZPI has obtained the European EMAS ES-EU 000078 Registration, the EU-backed certificate that recognises the truthfulness of the excellent performance achieved in implementing procedures for continuous environmental improvement of the management of telecommunications services in the Basque Government’s relay centres, at its corporate headquarters located in building 101 of the Bizkaia Technology Park in Zamudio (Bizkaia). The telecommunication centres that ITELAZPI manages are located in the mountains near the populations they serve, and protecting the natural environment is one of the company’s main corporate values. This commitment took shape with the implementation and certification of the EKOSCAN Continual Improvement Environmental Management System in 2005. After this rewarding experience, the decision was made in 2013 to move towards obtaining EMAS III Registration (European Regulation 1221/2009) improve and spread awareness of advances in environmental performance, the Environmental Statement serving as the core document that states the company’s environmental commitment and the progress of environmental improvement indicators. This Environmental Statement is available to the general public on our website. In addition to its commitment to the environment ITELAZPI has made a major effort to blend telecommunications infrastructure with the natural environment, using camouflage techniques to reduce the visual impact of telecommunication centres that including painting houses, fences and towers “carriage green”, using wooden markers and guard-rails and using native trees for markers and to build the fence around the facility. Additionally, and evidence of ITELAZPI as a driving force that gives back to society, the company organises a number of social benefit activities including:

  • Creation of a section of the website called Mendira where society at large is invited to participate in mountain hikes via the routes that can be accessed through the company’s relay centres
  • Since 2009, Itelazpi has sponsored Karrantza Harana mountain trek, and as the results of the partnership agreement with the FMV-EMF it now sponsors 2 additional mountain hikes.
  • Annual participation in the Zuhaitz Eguna, with students from the area’s schools planting trees at the telecommunications centres
  • Implementation of a model of renewable energy at the Eureka Science Museum Donostia-San Sebastian, where visitors can experiment with the operation of a telecommunications centre powered by renewable energy generated by a PV plant and a wind turbine, similar to those which are located at two ITELAZPI-operated.

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