How we manage a centre


Itelazpi manages and maintains over 240 telecommunications centres

All of the centres are designed and equipped to provide telecommunications services of the highest quality and availability. Proper maintenance of the infrastructures and the power supply are key aspects of the management of each centre:



The Tower


The tower of each telecommunications centre contains all of the antennas. Itelazpi carries out all of the maintenance on these, and any repairs to the tower itself:

  • Daytime Marking
  •   Punching
  • Lifelines
  •   Night-time marking
  •   Lightning conductors
  •   Laying of foundations



In the enclosure that is formed by the hut which contains the telecommunications equipment and the fencing around the centre, the following maintenance tasks are performed:

  • Coatings
  •  Façade
  • Roof
  • Safety systems
  • Fencing
  • Blending with the surroundings



Itelazpi performs maintenance work on the entrances to the telecommunications centre, to guarantee maximum security.

  • Access control
  • Maintenance
  • Snow removal
  •   Manhole repairs



The management and maintenance of the power supply is a critical factor because power failures are the biggest cause of service outages.

  • Generator sets
  • Tanks and gas oil
  • Protected power supply
  • High and Medium Voltage Power Lines

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